The Dirty Truth

Dirty Tile and Grout? It happens to us all. The problem is not everyone knows that a professional tile cleaning is even available! But here we are. Have the training, the tools, and the experience to get your tile look as good as possible. Often a good cleaning will restore your tile to almost new! It is a very effective cleaning process that doesn't make a mess. 

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Tile & Grout Cleaning

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Tile and Grout Sealing

One of the leading causes of damage to tile is failure to keep up on cleaning and sealing your tile.

Sadly, this is often the fault of the tile salesman or tile installer, who say things like "seal it once and you'll never have to deal with staining!" or "sealers never fail". I have heard many of these same statements myself when talking with tile vendors. In truth, these individuals often only know what is written on the bottle of the cheap sealer they slather onto tile and charge exorbitant fees for.

Once finished, they go their way thinking they have done you a favor. In reality, they have done you, and your new tile (which you just paid dearly for) a serious DIS-service.
Tile & Grout Cleaning services

Granted, some of those sealers you find at the tile store say things like “15 year guarantee”.

But start reading the fine print and you will find that the “guarantee” only covers the cost of more sealer. It will not cover your tile which is now completely ruined because of a couple of years of life WITHOUT a protective sealer. Because, things like non-neutral cleaning products, sun light (UV to be specific), shampoos, soaps and more all attack even the best sealers, and slowly break them down.

You need to know WHAT TYPE of sealer is actually best, depending on the type of stone, tile, or grout it will be applied to

Where the tile is located in your home also changes your sealer needs. For example, your beautiful marble shower needs a very different sealer than your granite kitchen countertop. Fortunately, here at White Cloud Carpet Cleaning we have received the training to know how to clean your tile and stone thoroughly, and seal it properly. We are qualified to clean and seal it, so that you can preserve the beauty of your tile for as long as possible.

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